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By Noel Allen (Bay Area)

Figure Photography Workshops

Go Figure with Viv

Given that I am a seasoned art model, my passions for the human form, fostering community, and creative expression are unwavering. After being in the industry for 6+ years, I am excited to make waves around the country as I venture into organizing art nude photography workshops.

Driven by the belief that the human body is a canvas for artistic exploration, I aim to create a space where you, no matter what level, can immerse yourself in the beauty and vulnerability of the art nude genre. My workshops are designed not only to refine technical skills but also to encourage you to embrace your creativity and find your unique artistic voice.

In these workshops, you can expect to benefit from my wealth of experience as I guide you through the intricacies of working with the nude form. My approach is rooted in empowerment and collaboration, encouraging open communication between photographers and models, creating an atmosphere that nurtures artistic growth.

Whether you're a beginner or experienced photographer, I am here to support your creative journey. I look forward to being part of it.

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Figure Photography + Editing Workshop

Saturday, June 22 + Sunday, June 23
Day 1: 10am-3pm
Day 2: 10am-2pm

@ Home in Cupertino (TBA)
$600 via Venmo or Zelle

Workshop Highlights:

Techniques of Composition:

  • Uncover the secrets of composing visually stunning and emotionally resonant images.

  • Learn and apply various traditional photography composition methods (i.e. rule of thirds and negative space).

  • Explore the interplay of light and shadow, angles, and perspectives to create captivating compositions.

Empowerment in Expression:

  • Begin to confidently articulate your creative vision.

  • Establish trust and rapport to bring out the model’s authentic expressions and the best in your collaborative work.

  • Understand the nuances of posing and collaboration, ensuring a harmonious and empowering experience for both photographer and model.

Discover Your Creative Voice:

  • Engage in discussions to help you identify and refine your unique artistic voice.

  • Tap into your inner artist and unleash a newfound sense of creativity.

  • Break down inhibitions and give yourself permission to express yourself authentically through your photographic work.

Mastering Editing Techniques:

  • Delve into post-processing and learn editing techniques to strengthen your photographs.

  • Learn how to refine contrast and clarity to elevate the visual impact of your images.

  • Gain insight into selective editing tools and methods to fine-tune specific areas of your photographs.

Crafting Visual Narratives:

  • Explore the power of storytelling through editing and learn how to create compelling visual narratives.

  • Experiment with creative editing effects and styles to evoke emotions or convey meaningful messages in your images.

  • Develop your editing skills to transform raw captures into dynamic and thought-provoking pieces of art.

Who/What You'll Be Photographing:

  • Two professional art nude models in a modern home, indoor environment with natural light (no artificial light)

  • Furnishing, fabrics, and additional props will be provided. A backdrop may be provided as well.

Items to bring (Day 1):

  • A digital camera that does well in indoor environments and natural light

  • Recommended: 35mm, 50mm, and/or 85mm lenses (not all required)

  • Fabrics or props that are tasteful for art nudes

Items to bring (Day 2):

  • Flash drive that consists of 10 images (edited or unedited) from Day 1.

  • Device for editing photos during the editing session on the second day of the workshop such as laptop or tablet.

  • Editing software installed on device (e.g., Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop).

    • Optional for both days: notebook and pen for taking notes during presentations, critique sessions, and editing workshops.

Day 1: CLICK (Presentation + Photography Sessions)

10:00 - 11:15 am: Lecture + Artistic Discussion​

11:15 am - 12:45 pm: Live Model Photography Session (Part 1)

  • Hands-on photography session with models

  • Individualized instruction and guidance

  • Active witnessing: Participants observe and learn from each other's interactions with models

12:45 - 1:15 pm: Group Review, Feedback, and Break

  • Participants share their experiences and challenges

  • Instructor provides constructive feedback

  • Open discussion on techniques and insights

1:15 - 2:45 pm: Live Model Photography Session (Part 2)

  • Continuation of hands-on photography session

  • Further exploration of artistic prompts and concepts

  • Active witnessing: Continued observation and sharing among participants

2:45 - 3:00 pm:  Extra Rotation + Closing Remarks

  • Debrief of key learnings

  • Information on resources for continued learning

  • Opportunity for participants to connect and exchange contact information

Day 2: CANVAS (Photo Critique + Editing Session)

10:00 - 10:15 am: Welcome and Recap

  • Brief welcome to the second day of the workshop

  • Recap of key concepts covered on day one

10:15 - 11:30 am: Group Photo Critique Session

  • Participants share 10 of their selected photographs from Day 1 for critique

  • Facilitated discussion led by the instructor on technical, creative, and personal objectives

  • Constructive feedback and suggestions provided by both the instructor and fellow participants on how to move forward with post-production

11:30 am - 12:30 pm: Editing Techniques Workshop

  • Instruction on editing techniques specific to art nude photography

  • Demonstration of editing software/tools commonly used

  • Tips and tricks for enhancing the mood, tone, and overall aesthetic of photographs

    • Instructor will use ​Lightroom and Photoshop, but it is not necessary that participants have these softwares for when they go to edit

12:30 - 12:45 pm: Break

  • Informal break for participants to recharge and network

12:45 - 1:45 pm: Hands-on Editing Session

  • Participants engage in hands-on editing practice using their own photographs from the previous day

  • Instructor provides individualized guidance and assistance as needed

  • Photographers will offer peer-to-peer support

1:45 pm - 2:00 pm: Closing Remarks and Next Steps

  • Recap of key takeaways from the workshop

  • Information on resources for further learning and development

  • Opportunity for participants to ask questions and provide feedback

Note: Adjustments to the agenda may be made based on the flow of the workshop and participants' needs.

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Photos of the location

Photos from previous events


By Subversive Visions (Bay Area)


By Noel Allen (Bay Area)


By Jim Nelson (Portland)


By Jim Nelson (Portland)

Viv's  workshop was an incredible experience that totally exceeded my expectations. Vivian's expert presentation, instruction, passion, and ability to simplify complex concepts made the learning process enjoyable. The setting for the workshop was also beautiful and functional with lots of space and options for creative breakout sessions with the models.  I also can’t say enough about the communication before the workshop. I’d never been to a photography workshop before and the pre-workshop communications were super thorough in that we all received a clear agenda and clear information about what to bring so that we knew exactly what to expect and what was expected. 

Ken Macintosh, Bay Area


Upcoming Workshops

June 22 + 23
Bay Area

July 14
Frederick, MD

October 12 + 13


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