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First off, welcome to my booking page! Thank you so much for your interest in working with me. Below are my policies to ensure a safe, comfortable, and fun work environment. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions.



I am not available to shoot any content that is flirty, silly, or contrived. I do not shoot glam, pin-up, or explicit/erotic. Let me put it this way - if it's something you would see on OnlyFans, assume that I will say no.

Please use your words when directing. If I am in a compromised position or the direction is not getting across, you may ask if you can make a physical adjustment.

I reserve the right to say no to poses, themes, or concepts that are within my limitations. When inquiring about working together, please be clear, direct, and deliberate when explaining the kind of work that you want to generate together.

I also do not do multi-day trips.


Physical Appearance

My hair is currently dirty blonde. I maintain this color by coating my roots with blonde toner when my roots start growing in. It is currently medium length (so not long and unruly, but also not too short!).

My bush is regularly groomed. I will never shave it off completely. Body hair elsewhere is anywhere between minimal to non-existent.

Body Markings
No tattoos and no piercings aside from my ears.

Body Type
I have a tall, lean, and toned athletic build. I dance and exercise regularly to maintain my physique. 

Vivian _A1C1722 by Michael Piraino.jpg

What do I shoot?

My passion is in the realm of fine-art nudes, specifically that take place in outdoor settings. That said, I also love to shoot indoors to capture a more classical, elegant, and painterly look. 

I have a large repertoire of refined dynamic poses, a wide range of facial expressions, and the ability to move through an artistic assignment with precision, curiosity, and professionalism.

Some specific examples of what I can offer:

- Artistic nudes
- Body scapes
- Movement and acrobatics
- Moody, evocative portraits
- Posed / Pedestrian
- Statue-esque / Painterly
- Fashion / editorial
- Bits and pieces of my life story


My rates

Travel Rates

2 hours: $300
3 hours: $400
4 hours: $450
Full day (8 hours): $800

+ $50 per additional photographer
Workshops/Meetups: + $100 per hour

Local Rates*

2 hours: $250
3 hours: $325
4 hours: $400
Full day (8 hours): $750

+ $50 per additional photographer
Workshops/Meetups: + $10
0 per hour

*Within a 50 radius of San Jose, CA. This includes Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Francisco, East Bay, North Bay

Cancellation Policy

As you probably know, this is my full time job and therefore my sole source of income. It's very difficult to find another booking on such short notice, especially on tour. It important that I have a cushion in the event of a cancellation.

Bookings in the Bay Area:

  • If you cancel within 1 week of the shoot, you must agree to postpone the shoot within 6 weeks after the cancellation.

  • If you cancel within 48 hours, you agree to pay the full amount

Bookings outside of the Bay Area:

  • If you cancel within 2 weeks, you agree to pay 25% of the total fee


  • If you cancel within 1 week, you agree to pay 50% of the total fee​

  • If you cancel within 72 hours, you agree to pay the full amount.

0A4A8806 copy.jpg

What can you expect from me?

• Easy-going personality

• Playfulness

• Patience

• Adaptiveness

• Cooperation

• Active communication

 Lots of smiles 

• Flexibility (literally and figuratively!)

Who do I shoot with?

I love to work with hobbyist, professional, beginner, and seasoned photographers. If you are new to this genre, I am here to support you in building your prowess as an art nude photographer. I enjoy the instructional component that often lends itself to creating art.

Vivian hi rez (6 of 9).jpg


Although I consider myself tough, it's important that I keep myself safe and comfortable, not only for an optimal shooting experience but for my health.

I strongly prefer to not shoot in temperatures under 55°F unless we have can strategize ways for me to conserve heat.


I will not shoot in winds over 10 miles per hour. If I select the location, I do my due diligence to ensure the weather is decent before showing up at the location. I expect you to do the same.

Please have a back-up plan in case weather becomes an issue. My cancellation fee will still apply even under these circumstances.

I do get chilly easily (I don't produce much body heat!). When shooting indoors, I like the temperature to be 70-75°F.

2021 41A060A.jpg

Other things

I love music during an indoor shoot. That said, I am a total music snob. I will mostly listen to anything except top 40 hits (from any generation), pop, R&B, or EDM.


I aim to supply my own snacks, however when I am on tour, that is not always the case when I am on tour. If you are available to provide sustenance for lil ole' me, I love trail mix, chips, veggies, lunch meats, and dip. Anything helps when I am on the road!


Whether I am local or on tour, I almost always have my own mode of transport, but I am open to the idea of carpooling if it makes sense.


Make it this far?

Amazing! Thank you for taking the time to read my policies.


Now let's get connected.

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